Sam Fine- My Favorite Makeup Artist

In an interview:

His first book, Fine Beauty, is a hit, and already in its fifth printing, and he is working on a new makeup line, Fine Beauty Cosmetics. And of course there is his usual business of being one of the most well known, respected and sought after makeup artists for women of color in the world. His client list, a Who’s Who of celebrities and multinational companies includes the likes of Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams, Patti Labelle, Revlon, Essence, L’Oreal and … the list goes on.

"You create your own destiny. Instead of artists thinking that people should come to them and ask them to do things, I think they should go out and make something happen”. —Sam Fine

….At $3,500 a day and climbing, it’s no wonder that he is one of the highest paid makeup professionals in the business. And I’d bet that his clients believe he deserves every bit of it. But even at this day rate (which does not include travel or overtime) he still refers to himself as a servant. “This is a service business and we’re paid a considerable amount to do what we do. It is not brain surgery. We’re not saving anyone’s life,” he says…

…He is the first Black makeup artist with his own book, and the first to be hired as a Revlon spokesperson. He is also the first choice for superstars RuPaul, Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Veronica Webb. ..

He teaches his clients to re-create the look he makes for them.

  •     He is AWESOME! True inspiration

This article first appeared in 1stHOLD magazine.

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