PSA: I have A.D.O.S.

The following are serious thoughts while creating this PSA:

It is a serious condition——hmm, I want a Snickers

Only a few young people suffer from it——I seriously want a Snickers

About 99% don’t even know they have it——maybe I should walk to CVS to get some Snickers

It often strikes out of boredum like in a classroom setting or while doing homework—-Nah, I have pizza in the fridge

There is no cure—-Do I have any Ranch dressing left in the fridge?

But in order to help it, you have to find the warning signs—-I want a Johnny Rocket’s burger

This is a SERIOUS condition that no one can help—-I need to do my nails

A.D.O.S—-Attenton Deficet—-Ohh! Shiny! Is an attention—I swear if this fly don’t get away from my head!

Only YOU can put an end to—-aw shit! The Parker’s are getting ready to come on BET. Gota go!

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